Why Diamonds Are The Most Romantic Birthday Gift

To please yourself or others, there are 1001 reasons to purchase a diamond necklace. Although still simple and easy to use, a diamond pendant is a slightly more complicated diamond necklace. There are pendants in every conceivable shape and style, from hearts, flowers and circles to shapes with symbolic and traditional meanings. You DR diamond can choose one with a personal meaning to you, or take the whole diamond necklace to the next level and design a custom necklace to meet your specifications. Either way, fans of fresh, modern design will appreciate a creative pendant diamond necklace more. The gift of an anniversary ring is as multifaceted as it is meaningful.

While perfume can be a good birthday gift or a birthday gift for an event, it is less suitable as a gift for a graduation ceremony. Jewelry, on the other hand, can be given in honor of any of these occasions, and then some. Necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and even cufflinks and watches are all viable options that will most likely satisfy the recipients. Discover our beautiful and timeless diamond jewelry designs, ideal for celebrating special birthdays. Hoop earrings are another classic and timeless gift option and a great way to show off diamonds. These Diamond Graduate Milgrain Hoop earrings from Blue Nile are a nice twist on the simple diamond hoop.

Choose the first letter of your name or something of special significance for a sweet and sentimental gift that you will have forever. Amulet necklaces are solid gold and inlaid in bright white diamonds, and can be worn on both collarbones and chest. Consider choosing a diamond ring that is accentuated by colored gemstones to add a little style to your jewelry cabinet.

Sterling silver, beads and rustic gemstones look beautiful without being too formal. More elegant or precious pendants, be it gold, gemstones or diamonds, contribute to the anticipation of nights and special events. In fashion, the “third piece” can make your ho-hum look more memorable.

For example, a necklace with your or your partner’s birthstone is a popular choice. Keep in mind which precious metal your spouse uses most often: You may prefer platinum, white, yellow, or rose gold or silver. A necklace is a wonderful anniversary gift, because the possibilities are almost unlimited. You can even start a tradition of giving her a new necklace for each birthday so that your collection grows together in harmony with your life. There are so many beautiful diamond gift options, but earrings are very popular for Mother’s Day, and for good reason!

Browse inspiring engagement rings, decorative bracelets, and elaborate earrings, each designed to showcase the true beauty of a De Beers Forevermark diamond. The Beam Lab Diamond Studs are some of the most elegant items in our collection. Wrapped in a 10-carat white gold finish, the lab diamonds on the earrings are shy, impressive and playful. They can be worn in any outfit every day and look best when the hair is raised so they can be shown. You really can’t go wrong with diamond earrings for your best friend. Last but not least, rings can be a nice gift option for Mother’s Day.