What Is Infrared Heat?? Advantages Of Infrared Heaters

In this article we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the infrared heater in detail. But before we discuss the pros and cons of an infrared heater, we will first talk about what infrared heating is. Regardless of the brand type or characteristics, infrared heaters generally save energy compared to traditional heating methods. The overall operational efficiency of an infrared system is proven and measurable.

A distant infrared heater works differently from a conventional space heater. The distant infrared wavelength also penetrates and heats objects in the environment, which infrared heaters in turn will radiate heat to your home. When you mention infrared radiation, people often step back and wonder if there are any adverse health effects to worry about.

However, the sun emits many types of radiation, along with the infrared of the warming. Fortunately, infrared heaters emit nothing but infrared and are completely safe and healthy. Many of our customers have reported savings of 20 to 50% on conventional heating systems, including gas, oil, electricity and wood burning systems. Dry air in winter can dry the mucous membranes, making us more susceptible to viruses and bacteria. Did you know that fewer viruses survive in rooms with a humidity of at least 30-40%?.

This can be the wall of your living room, which also radiates heat, or it can be a person standing right in front of it. Unlike convection heaters, infrared heaters do not depend on airflow or keeping hot air in. You can leave the window open on a winter day and still have the same heat speed as your infrared heater.

This type of heating uses infrared waves to heat a ceramic plate, which in turn heats the environment. Although the health benefits are the same, the ceramic heater is the most energy efficient infrared heater. No, infrared heating panels are designed to be heated as efficiently as possible.

This not only keeps you warm during the coldest parts of the year; It also saves you money on heating costs. In addition, you reduce the amount of energy used to heat your home, which is good for the environment. With infraffed heaters you don’t have to wait to get hot and cold, like with regular stoves. You heat up quickly, with fast-acting heat rays that dissipate the cold.

Conventional heaters heat the air in the room, which then has to heat objects and people in the room. This method is less efficient than the most directly penetrating distant infrared radiation heat. Hot dry air tends to rise and drain poorly insulated areas, cracks and windows faster because heat is not so easily absorbed. This type of heat must be hotter by nature for a person to feel as warm and comfortable as with an infrared heater operating at a lower temperature.

However, they are not a therapy method, but can simply have positive side effects on your health by eliminating the negative effects of convection heaters. Of course, the comfortable heat can relieve the symptoms, but it cannot be cured and you should consult a doctor for a real treatment. The above effects are due to personal experience and comments from our customers.

Esto nunca suceder√° con el calentamiento por infrarrojos ya que las paredes y los muebles se calientan primero. El aire caliente prodido por los calentadores convencionales es agradable pero viene con las desventajas de secar el aire. El aire seco puede provocar molestias, como la garganta seca o los ojos secos. El calor infrarrojo no seca el aire, sino que calienta los objetos y las personas directamente.

Therefore, we feel the heat of the sun, although it is thousands of miles from the earth, as well as the surrounding cold air as we remain in the sun. This principle also applies to the operation of infrared heaters, where infrared heaters are analogous to the sun. Unlike other conventional space heaters, infrared heaters offer more benefits than any other available option. It will undoubtedly be a very good asset to your home and will make you feel comfortable this winter. Also remember that infrared heaters can also be a great option for heating a garage.