Press Releases – Why it is Important to Be in the News

Getting in the news is just for big companies right?


This is the biggest myth of the whole media industry

OK, but its still going to be expensive right?

Again, Wrong!

This is another myth

The birth of the internet bought about many changes, and the way in which people receive their information was probably the biggest. Sure the big companies ข่าวสด out there still have their own in house, integrated press offices full of staff pumping out releases to the biggest media outlets 24/7, but that does not mean that someone on a shoe string budget cannot achieve exactly the same results without having to hire a huge amount of staff.

“Out of sight is Out of Mind” is the key reason why you should be sending out press releases. Everyone wants interesting and fresh news, they want to read about what new things people are doing on a daily basis. A company or person, who wants to be read about on the internet needs to be sending out press releases constantly. If you are starting out first of all you need to figure out exactly what you are going to write in your press releases, you need to work out who you are going to approach and then you need to get their contact details. This can be a tedious process, you will be endlessly calling news companies asking who to send your releases to, you will spend your whole life on hold dealing with receptionists and being passed from pillar to post. Your best bet is to buy pre written contact lists, these come from people who have worked in the media for years so have obtained journalists details with their full consent, it also means they are real contacts which have been used before.

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