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For example, your basic package may contain one or two services. Your intermediate pack can include two to four services and your high-end pack can hold three to five services. The services you have already offered to your customers must guide your price decision. List the most common customer requests you have received in the past two years and include them in your photo packages.

If you plan to start a portrait photography company, you need to create or buy some money. Managing your customers’ expectations is important to their success. Your customers need to know exactly what to expect from you and what is expected of them.

If all these types of photography jobs sounded good to you, you could be a great stock photographer. Stock market photographers sell the rights to use their images through catalogs. They can work as a freelance professional, but usually photographers let agencies handle their sales. Share sales generally don’t pay much per use, but the goal of a successful stock photographer is to have a wide catalog of commonly used images. As a result, once uploaded and sold, photos provide a source of continuous passive income.

They want to know more about your company and the products you offer. They may even love their job enough to receive an email every time you update your blog with new photos. In addition, many photographers offer an online gallery of password-protected wedding photos as part of their photo packages .

Professional wedding photographers are hired to capture the irreplaceable moments of a couple by taking creative, candid and beautiful photos of the wedding ceremony and reception. Packages for one and Professional Maui Hawaii Photographers two photographers are available and all packages contain high-resolution digital files from your wedding photos. The advantage of selling file photos is that you can sell any type of image you want.