Oktoberfest: Many Reasons To Visit Munich

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival, attracting more than seven million people each year to the theresienweise fairgrounds in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Once there, they will drink more than seven million liters of perfect Bavarian beer, obeying German purity laws, meaning they have no preservatives or artificial additives. They will eat thousands of dishes of delicious and hearty German food, including beer lover favorites such as pretzels and bratwurst. They dance at the tables with German oompah bands and make new friends from all over the world and sing, drink and make temporary besties with complete strangers.

Oktoberfest attracts more than six million people every year, including many tourists. Oktoberfest starts on Saturday, September 17 and ends on Saturday, October 1, 2022. In most years, the Oide Wiesn takes place south of that street, behind the Ferris wheel. This is another separate festival with three larger beer tents and several historical sites. Although it is actually a fairly new event, the Oide Wiesn offers a much quieter and more traditional atmosphere than the actual Oktoberfest. Every four years, however, Oktoberfest ends at Matthias-Pschorr-Straße, as the Central Bavarian Agricultural Fair will take place in the southern part of Theresienwiese.

Dozens of day trips from Munich allow you to take a break from Oktoberfest. If you want to enjoy a cultural beer experience, I recommend you to go to the Andechs Monastery, where you can walk through nature and enjoy a beer in the old monastery. Like everything else, it can get crowded on the weekends, but you need to have a little outing during the week. See more of these great day trips from Munich to find something in your alley. I’m going to burst your bubble, but if you had high expectations that Munich’s most famous beer, Hofbrau, would have the best tent, be prepared to be disappointed.

It is literally millions of people who drink millions of liters of beer and sing songs of which apparently no one knows the words. If you’ve explored Oktoberfest in the morning and it’s starting to fill up, don’t worry! Step out of the gardens and explore Munich’s abundant beer gardens and outdoor spaces. If you want live music, the Chinese Tower Beer Garden in the Englischer Garten often has live German bands playing. Or you can go to the Paulaner near Oktoberfest, which has a beautiful beer garden. I also enjoy the Augustiner-Keller on Arnulfstrasse, which is large and spacious.

If you stay with Stoke Travel, all your Oktoberfest tickets are neat, with free admission to all Oktoberfest breweries and fairs. Our Oktoberfest tours include private bus transport from Italy, Amsterdam, Prague and Paris, with special sleeping buses departing from Barcelona and London. Our all-inclusive tours to Oktoberfest are legendary, with meals and accommodation, entertainment and guides included, and our infamous open beer and sangria bar is available to all guests for just €10 per day. Whatever you need for your oktoberfest stay and experience, we’ve got you covered. It houses thousands of students from neighbouring countries such as Italy, France and England. It’s also the perfect time for oktoberfest visits, and breweries can be busy around this time.

Each tent has its own system for booking reservations, not to mention that each tent starts the process at different times of the year. Reservations should always be made in groups of 8-10 people, and most reservations go to locals who have been holding tables at the Wies’n for several generations. There’s a reason oktoberfest is on the list of many things to do; actually, there are many reasons. Yes, even bigger than that time Snoop Dogg performed at his fundraiser.

And yes, I’m glad I was able to experience it in the past, in a more relaxed atmosphere. In addition to sleeping, eating and preparing oktoberfest monaco 2023 for the breweries Stoketoberfest is a wild party. You can drink as much beer and sangria as you like in your own open bar.

It’s good to know that you have a place to sit, but aside from the weekend or at night, it seemed like you could always find an open chair, even if you had to stand for a while. If I were to rebook a table, I would only do so in the evenings, when tables are harder to find, you want a place to eat, and you might not want to wait. The biggest beer drinking event on earth, a festival that every traveler should experience once in their life, or twice if they’re lucky. It’s like being in the bar with your friends, but with a live band playing hits and classic songs and of course with some good beers, except a thousand times bigger and much more intense. However, as we’ve mentioned before, you can still have the time of your life without a reservation at a beer store.