Most Secure Internet Browsers of 2021

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  • What Is Secure Browsing and Why It Is Important
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There are browsers that have many built-in ad blockers, firewalls, and other such features that protect sensitive information like your login credential and your location. These browsers are also able to block trackers and websites that store your data. However, to your surprise, the most popular browsers like Safari and Chrome are not among such secure browsers. Here is a list of the 3 best, most secure internet browsers of 2021.

What Is Secure Browsing and Why It Is Important?

There are several apps, services, and platforms out there that use our private data for advertising purposes. This is a common phenomenon for search engines, e-mails, and internet browsers as well.

Popular browsers like Google Chrome are often partnered with advertisers that pay the browser for collecting and giving them access to their user’s private data. This data can range anywhere from location to browsed pages to websites visited during a particular period.

This is usually what people mean when they say that free apps and internet services are not exactly “free” — they are referring to the loss of data security as a “cost” of these services.

In other cases, advertisers find ways to crack through the data collected by the browsers. This is often referred to as data breaches and is a result of poor security and safety measures.

Now, most browsers come with the option of “private” windows. Contrary to popular belief, these private windows are not a way to protect your data. These windows only work by not storing your browsing history on the surface. In reality, they still have your IP address and your data is still being gathered.

The importance of data privacy and security against hackers and breaches is subjective. You might be more concerned with your security and privacy, but someone else might not be bothered by it much. Just because browsers are “designed” to collect your data, does not mean there aren’t any safer and more secure alternatives out there.

Most Secure Internet Browsers of 2021

Here, let’s dive into the details of some amazing browsers that don’t pose huge security or privacy threats to their users:

  1. Mozilla Firefox

With over 200 million active users, and as one of the most popular browsers, Mozilla Firefox is the most suitable browser for those concerned with data privacy and security. It is an open-source browser, meaning that it can be customized and altered according to your preferences.

In terms of privacy, Firefox makes an excellent choice. You can disable “telemetry” on this browser, and also choose the level of privacy from “Standard”, “Strict” and “Custom”. There is also a large library of plug-ins that you can use for additional privacy and security features. The browser is also one of the very few ones that is updated and improved frequently. You can manually disable tracking and other privacy features for a more controlled experience.

Verdict: Mozilla Firefox is a great choice for those looking for a more customizable, private, and secure browser.

  1. Brave

Brave is by default a browser specifically made to keep your data safe and secure. It is a Chromium-based software, so it’s fast and secure altogether. Additionally, the browser has many pre-configured features that stay put even with its open-source nature.

It blocks ads and trackers automatically and has a built-in fingerprint protection feature. It is also compatible with many add-ons that you can use for enhanced security. There is also automatic prevention from websites and third-party apps that tend to store your data.

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to configure their browser settings and ensure privacy and security settings. Therefore, Brave proves itself to be an easy, user-friendly, and simple yet unique secure browser.

Verdict: the browser is highly recommended for anyone who is not tech-savvy and just needs a quick and easy solution to privacy and security issues.

  1. Tor Browser

Tor Browser works by scattering your traffic over a huge web of servers. As a result, it is difficult for advertisers and hackers to get access to your data. Tor browser’s mechanism is referred to as traffic rerouting or onion routing, which practically makes your computer anonymous on the web.

While this rerouting of traffic protects your data, it might lead to a decrease in internet speeds. It is best to equip yourself with a high-speed internet connection such as Mediacom or Spectrum so that their speeds are not drastically affected.

It also has other features such as HTTPS Everywhere and built-in ad blockers that further guarantee security.  It also blocks JavaScript, which means there may be some websites that won’t work on this browser.

Verdict: Tor browser is one of the most powerful and effective browsers for keeping your data private and secure. It is the best browser for those dodging surveillance or chances of data and identity theft.


Secure and private browsers come at a price; slower internet speeds. To avoid this, look into Spectrum bundles and other high-speed internet plans to ensure the speeds do not see a significant dip. Spectrum internet itself comes with a security suite for your computers and devices. That plus a secure browser will be the perfect combo. Reach out to Spectrum customer service to find a high-speed internet plan available in your area.

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