Discover The Best Sights In Miami FL

From hype clubs to crowded beaches and expensive restaurants in Miami, it’s not hard to fall prey to the ocean of this city’s disappointing and downright unpleasant decorations. Even the most experienced local isn’t immune to accidentally parking in a tow area, double tipping on the bill or suffering from a truly terrible tasting menu. Nevertheless, every visitor should know some important facts for a trip to Miami. Follow our advice and it won’t be long before you’ll be sipping cocktails at Miami’s best bars, dancing at South Beach’s best clubs, and posting selfies with all the cool art you’ve seen in Miami’s best museums.

The Metrobus is the most extensive public transportation network in the city, but is hampered by the heavy traffic that is ubiquitous on all of Miami’s streets. To cover shorter distances, try Freebee, a free electric car service accessible through the Freebee mobile app. While the service is free thanks to funding for car door ads, you’ll need to tip your driver a few dollars. If you’re staying in Miami Beach and South Beach alone, consider renting a bike, using your own feet, or relying on taxis. From the sizzling nightlife of South Beach to the authentic Cuban flavors of Little Havana, Miami offers one of the richest cultural experiences of any city in the United States.

Admission to Virginia Key Beach Park is $8 per vehicle on weekends, but the extra space and kayaking through the wetlands are worth the extra cost. Crandon Park continues along the embankment and is a family beach in Key Biscayne with water sports and cabin rentals. Just above Miami Beach, Haulover Beach is divided between nude sunbathing in the north and a dog-friendly area in the south. When it comes to iconic sights, dusty beaches, and people-watching, Ocean Drive is the place to be.

Take a bike, go for a run or try your kayaking skills on a beautiful beach or at nearby Crandon Park to the north or Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park to the south. With a variety of bars, restaurants and clubs, it’s an evening party full of dancing and some pretty epic moments. It’s such a vibrant place that it’s full of the most amazing music and dance. One of the main reasons I wanted to visit Miami was because of its beautiful beaches, world-famous art, great food, and a strong Latino culture… The famous Miami strip is not only a gathering point for partygoers, but also worth a visit for lovers of art deco architecture from the 1920s.

Miami serves as a major party destination for LGBTQ travelers and has a handful of legendary gay clubs. Twist and Palace are the most famous of these venues, and each attracts world-famous DJs and hosts excellent drag shows. You’ll Armani Residences Sunny Isles also find many smaller locations in the city, some of which cater to a mixed gay straight audience. Miami hotels are almost all universally welcoming to LGBTQ travelers, and you’ll see couples of all kinds holding hands in public.