Advantages Of Integrated Access Control And Video Surveillance Systems

The OSC in Facility A may decide that input control is best performed using biometric technology, while the OSC in Facility B may decide that inbound control can be performed using card key technology. In installation A, the biometric choice may be fingerprints rather than the retinal pattern, and in facility B, the choice of card key may be proximity rather than the magnetic stripe. The security needs and preferences of civil society organisations are very different, so diversity is a common theme. The IP-based Exchange Management Console also provides connectivity to a single management tool interface that can be accessed from anywhere on the IP network.

TouchStar ATC provides end-to-end access control systems for your assets and facilities. These systems are used for larger sites with high access rates and are wired and connected to the host system’s access control software. With these systems, you can achieve a high level of security up to real-time message exchange between components and software. Because credentials are required before a door is unlocked, only people with approved credentials can participate.

Electronic access control can be used for buildings/locations with advanced security requirements. These types of access require; A card, chip, or other tag with the correct credentials. An access control system provides you with data that tracks who and when someone enters and leaves a building/room.

By keeping the software up-to-date, backing up files frequently, and programming readers to work separately from the main driver, you can provide secure access even if the system is compromised. Scada System Integration This happens when an authorized person grants access to someone who is not authorized. Security cameras and multi-factor authorization, as well as employee training, can mitigate this risk.

Surveillance cameras to integrate corporate security can be one of the most effective deterrents against crime. An access control system can be an effective measure to exclude those who may commit crimes from the premises, which can help create a safer workplace for your employees. As a bonus, these security integrators can also make it possible to manage, monitor and control the function remotely.