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Did you know that eating in a coconut bowl with a spoon has incredible benefits? With an aesthetic appearance and the beauty of nature, they are ecological and sustainable. Coconut bowls are handmade bowls that are made from coconut outer shell and are natural and planet-friendly. Handmade coconut shells made from 100% natural and organic coconuts are always a welcome addition to your kitchen. To maintain the shelf life of the coconut bowl, you need to wash the virgin coconut oil by hand every 5-10 times and rub it into the bowl. Free of BPA, chemicals, pesticides and other nasty, coconut shells are completely safe to eat.

You can also use any paint from the DIY store for bowls that are not used for food purposes. We connect coconut shells with a healthy lifestyle and mindful eating. For us, coconut shells are all about whole foods, fruits, vegetables, and colorful foods full of nutrients. When I first saw coconut shells being used as bowls, I thought it was just because of the aesthetics: who hasn’t seen one of these appear on their Instagram feed?

Washing is then easy; wash them with your hands and a little soap. Since I ordered my coconut shells, I’ve used them for different things. I originally used them for my sliced fruit bowls and smoothies, until I realized they’re safe for hot products too. Now I like to use them for my morning oatmeal or freshly cooked vegetables and snacks throughout the day. I’ve found that bowls are easy to clean by hand with warm water and soap and are much more durable than they seem. They are also a good alternative to tupperware or plastic camping bags.

This tropical region is located in the Mekong Delta and is known for its high-quality coconut plantations. There is a very good reason why Bến Tre has become affectionately known as the capital of coconuts! Organic coconuts are harvested to make household products such as cooking oils, creams and milk. Usually, once the white flesh is pulled out of the shells, they burn along with the trees and shells. The use of coconut shells is not only a way of life, but also a way to sustain life on Earth. That may sound a little too dramatic, but all things considered, these coconut shells have the ability to help save the environment.

You can customize your wholesale orders of coconut shells by adding a unique logo or message. For more information about bulk purchases of coconut shells, feel free to send us a message via the contact form below or by contacting us on social media. We only take what would otherwise be wasted and burned; can be recycled in its purest form.

Our goal is to restore forests by planting trees through an environmental charity called One Tree Planted. For every 10 coconut shells we sell, we donate to this environmental organization to plant a coconut tree. Unlike regular bowls and plates, coconut shells do not require a collection of natural materials. Because they are made from discarded shells, they eliminate the need to collect and consume new raw materials, which in turn helps preserve natural resources.

In addition, most of these coconut producers choose to throw away the coconut shells because they cannot find value in them. For this reason, Rainforest Bowls has decided to restore previously unwanted shells from local farms in Vietnam. Because ecological balance is our top priority, the shells we recover come from coconut coconut bowls manufacturer farmers who practice sustainable farming techniques. That is why, in a way, our coconut shells also promote sustainability in coconut cultivation. Today, the world system thrives and thrives on production and consumption. The problem with this is that this system does not take into account the well-being of the environment.

However, after researching them further, I soon discovered that coconut shells aren’t just a modern way to serve smoothies and snacks. These bowls provide an easy way to reduce waste and support artisans around the world. If you’ve been on our trip from day one, you may already know that we started out as a brand that offers coconut shells for your smoothies, as well as bamboo straws…

Coconut shells are suitable for both cold and hot food, although they are not suitable for storing food in the refrigerator or for heating food. Charlotte Ross Coconut Bowls founder Jake McKeon first discovered handmade coconut shells during a trip through Bali. The trip inspired him to delve into why coconut shells were used so often and whether they were safe to eat. He discovered that this line of craftsmanship was actually very environmentally friendly and offered work for many Indonesians. In fact, the coconut industry has many leftover shells that are thrown into landfills or incinerated as waste when not reused. McKeon decided to bring coconut bowls into the mainstream and created the Coconut Bowls company.