8 Best Thai Horror Movies To See If You Liked Shutter

There is no more an ideal place to start a family than in the suburbs. You thought this when you brought your family from Bangkok to the quiet and exclusive community of Ladda Land in Chiang Mai. That is why history, together with his wife, his rebellious daughter and his young son, sees you struggling to mix with new people and enter their daily routine into the new community. Then things start to happen: a Burmese housekeeper is found dead in one of the community centers and then someone tries to rob you of the house itself. The situation worsens even more after you lose her job and start thinking about killing his wife on suspicion of having an affair.

Some viewers may find movies difficult to watch, but they are very entertaining and terrifying. This is all very nice, if not enough, to overcome your minor flaws. As a supernatural story with a lot of heart and an Indian glow, Bulbbul touches the audience with its solid display of tension and gender justice. The film begins in the 19th century and shows a child friend, Bulbbul, married to a much older and wealthy older man named Indranil. After 20 years, the child friend becomes a mysterious woman who rules her home as the supernatural murder of men who plague her village.

This list is full of superstitious stories of grief, horrific deaths and psychological thrillers that pale stories in American horror movies in comparison. Here are 10 of the best Thai horror movies out there, so keep your security blanket and adult diapers ready.” Film fans cannot deny that Asian horror is only in a class, but South Korea is not the only country responsible for producing some high-quality horror movies. Here are 10 of the best Thai horror movies out there, so keep your security blanket and adult diapers ready. Trailer of Shutter of ชัตเตอร์ กด ติด วิ ศา ณ by Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpoom After a few participated in a hit and run, they begin to see images of the dead woman in their photos.

‘Coming Soon’ is a Thai horror film that tells the story of a young projectionist who decides to illegally record a newly released horror film. After falling asleep during the screening, he wakes up to discover that his partner has disappeared and left his camera behind. Pee Mak is one of the best Thai horror comedy movies known for its brilliant combination of fear and humor. The story revolves around Mak, who doesn’t know he’s returned home with the ghosts of his wife and baby dead. Now it is up to his four friends, a variety of rural comic characters, to reveal the truth to Mak, despite his intimidating ghost woman. Satan’s Slaves, directed by Joko Anwar, one of Indonesia’s most influential directors, is a new version and a precursor to the 1980 cult classic of the same name.

Siam Square is one of the scariest Thai horror films with a popular milestone as a backdrop for sinister events. The film follows the creepy crusade of a group of students to refute an urban legend, which turns out to be true. And now they are caught in a cat-and-mouse game with an evil spirit.

I can’t forgive myself for the motorcycle accident that killed her. He promises to do anything if he gets the chance to see Pla again to apologize. His friends cannot understand his obsession with talking to the dead, but they agree to help him in his last attempt. The challenge of opening your eyes to the world of the dead leads you to an abandoned hospital. This location is not only a haunted house, but also a cursed plot, and everyone entering your building will not return alive except one. If you’re addicted to horror movies or someone looking for excitement, be sure to watch these movies.

Shutter is the best horror movie that will give you sleepless nights. (Photo-Youtube) Tensions begin to accumulate when a group of students are chased by the girls’ evil spirits until they are wrongly killed one by one. The tension in the film is advertised as a Thai horror film with the best school environment.

Trailer of Ghost of Mae Nak or นาค รัก แท้ / วิ جา ณ / ความ ตาย This film is about a young couple who awakens the spirit of a famous Thai legend. It is actually the twentieth film version of the Mae Nak legend. Mae Nak was an evil spirit who lived in a city outside of Bangkok in the 19th century. Although similar stories have been told before, the actors in this film are credible, the cinematography is beautiful and the story is fascinating. Best of all, the terrifying scenes are well done, resulting in a terrifying movie. In fact, they are doing so well that some of Asia’s best horror movies often turn into Hollywood box office hits.

Her difficulties increase when a new useless girl, Ponkoon, arrives in town. It may not be the right movie for strict horror movie fans, but the girls’ terribly colorful language lets everyone down. With ดูหนังออนไลน์ unexpected twists in the plot, Phobia 2 is considered one of the most memorable Thai horror movies. Theater poster for Art of the Devil of in Thai คน เล่น ของ This is the first film in a popular trilogy.