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There are countless different options, from historical steamers such as S.S. Low-budget travelers can explore with a simple tour of a traditional felucca. Across the Luxor River Quad Bike Desert Safaris in Hurghada is the Theban Necropolis, the Valley of the Kings. Here are more than 60 underground graves built for the mummies of the New Kingdom pharaohs from the 16th century BC.

With its blue and clear waters full of fish, dolphins, sharks and coral reefs, Ras Mohammed National Park is one of the best divers destinations in the world. Ras Mohammed National Park, which covers nearly 200 square miles of land and sea on the coast of the Red Sea, takes its name from the park’s iconic cliffs, which are viewed from certain angles as a man’s profile. From hiking to diving and snorkeling, there is something for everyone in this beautiful park, with common sightings of almost all 1,000 species of Red Sea fish in the park.

All our tours are personalized by travel, financial and time advisors to meet all your possible needs during your time in Egypt. We always keep in mind that your safety and comfort are our top priority until you return home. Tourists with Egyptian People: Things to Do in Cairo Egyptians are really nice people and really welcome visitors and love to take pictures with them.

Located on the outskirts of the city of Minya, it is the perfect opportunity to capture the mysterious beauty on the lens during sunrise and sunset. You can also see a third dynasty pyramid here, the only one built on the eastern banks of the Nile River. Tourists can always walk along the famous Corniche, an impressive boardwalk that runs from the eastern harbor to Montaza Palaca.

The leader of his group will explain the history and legends of these remarkable people, and the significance of the many paintings and hieroglyphics. Then join a local family for lunch to taste traditional home-made dishes. The rest of your afternoon is free to explore, with the Luxor Museum as an excellent place to visit. Please note that you will board a Luxor night train back to Cairo tonight . Saharina Adventure Club believes that Egypt is far beyond the pyramids of Giza or Sphinx, the north coast or Sharm El Sheikh. More than ninety percent of Egypt is desert, but the Egyptians only populate a very small part.

It is different from any garden you have seen, so visiting this beautiful space is essential for people traveling to Cario. Located on the banks of the Nile River, this unique garden is more of an oasis of peace hiding behind high walls and the army of tourists coming to Egypt every year. One of the largest cemeteries in the world, Zawiyyet al-Mayyiteen, is eerily beautiful. Full of rows and rows of conical white domes, the cemetery stretches for many kilometers.

His responses were quick along with detailed both online and ground service. The hotel they booked for us was extremely good and in a prime location the transfers and sightseeing tours in a private car were great, along with a very well-maintained car and a well-mannered and informative driver… The place is great with culture, architecture and ancient history. Boat trips to dive sites generally include tanks and weights; Lunch on the boat costs about £ E50 extra. Dive packages can be a good deal and cost around $ 260 / $ 340 for a five-day package, with discounts sometimes available for online advances or reservations. Liveaboards allow you to spend days or weeks at sea browsing dive sites and shipwrecks.

Your negotiating skills will help a lot here because there is no way to say which item is really worth what it is worth. You can visit many places to see and learn Egyptian culture, as well as participate in many fun and educational things that you can do in Egypt that are not really mentioned in a travel guide. Grab a pen and paper and write them all down as you scroll so you don’t miss any of these fascinating experiences Egypt has to offer.