10 Useful Tips To Reduce Mobile Data Usage And Save Money

Wi-Fi Assist is an iOS feature that keeps your iPhone connected to the Internet when you have a poor or slow Wi-Fi connection. Supposing your iPhone isn’t loading web pages or playing music when connected to a Wi-Fi network, iOS automatically switches to cellular data. With Google Maps, you can now cache the maps on your Android phone.

However, with a dual-SIM phone, you can use both SIM cards on the same phone. This takes away the requirement for individual devices, is convenient, and adds your employer’s mobile internet command to your own phone. You may need to change the way you think about internet access through your phone. When you’re connected to a metered Wi-Fi connection on Android, nothing will be downloaded without your permission.

You’ll be surprised to find yourself using your mobile data at a much slower pace with just a little fine-tuning of your phone’s settings. Let’s take a look at the tips to reduce mobile data usage on your Android phone. Whatsapp, the most popular instant messaging app, comes with options that can reduce mobile data usage. When you go to WhatsApp Settings, you’ll find a “Data Usage” option. Here you can see 2 sections: automatic media download and call settings.

Reading List is a convenient way to read articles offline, but you can use cellular data to share the list with other devices. Downloading it will not only cost you data, but these things will also unnecessarily take up mobile storage. Apple Maps automatically caches the maps you’ve deleted so you can use them even offline.

Therefore, you need to adjust the settings to a much lower quality that consumes less data. Also, most social media apps play the videos automatically by default, even if you don’t watch them. Despite all this, Android users still have reason to cheer; you can still limit data usage with the correct settings of your device.

Let’s take a look at Apple Music and Apple’s Podcasts apps as examples. You can turn off AutoPlay so YouTube can’t tempt you with videos you wouldn’t otherwise watch. speedtalk mobile Save videos offline when connected to Wi-Fi to store your mobile data. Data usage is the amount of data your phone uploads or downloads using mobile data.

Open the Network & Internet screen, then tap Cellular Data or Cellular Data to turn off cellular data so that your device only uses Wi-Fi. This means that the device can only connect to mobile hotspots and other Wi-Fi networks, but prevents overcharging. As with PCs, you can control usage by adjusting settings and making other changes. For example, limit updates to programs, applications, and operating systems to critical and security updates.

This article aims to provide useful tips for reducing your mobile data usage and saving every precious kilobyte you pay your hard-earned money for. Opera and Chrome are examples of such browsers that provide data compression. There are countries where mobile internet is an expensive product.

You can usually disable this feature in the settings option for each video app. Who knows how many times I’ve had YouTube videos repeated in my pocket because I forgot to turn off autoplay. Make sure you turn off autoplay so you don’t have to constantly run videos that deplete your data.